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This function was added in SA-MP 0.3c R4 and will not work in earlier versions!


Gets a player's network stats and saves them into a string.



This function may not return accurate data when used under OnPlayerDisconnect if the player has quit normally. It usually returns accurate data if the player has been kicked or has timed out.

(playerid, retstr[], retstr_size)
playeridThe ID of the player you want to get the networkstats of.
retstr[]The string to store the networkstats in, passed by reference.
retstr_sizeThe length of the string that should be stored.

Return Values:

This function always returns 1.

Example Usage:

public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid,cmdtext[])
    if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/mynetstats"))
        new stats[400+1];
        GetPlayerNetworkStats(playerid, stats, sizeof(stats)); // get your own networkstats
        ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 0, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "My NetworkStats", stats, "Okay", "");
    return 1;

Related Functions

The following functions may be helpful as they relate to this function in one way or another.

  • GetNetworkStats: Gets the servers networkstats and saves it into a string.

  • NetStats_BytesReceived: Get the amount of information (in bytes) that the server has received from the player.
  • NetStats_BytesSent: Get the amount of information (in bytes) that the server has sent to the player.
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